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Hong Kim-rev1This is our opportunity to tell you what HK Tech is doing with some of our clients around the world.

Due to the very nature of the resource industry, our clients operate projects around the globe. Whilst this can result in favorable economic conditions, it can also present challenges at local levels. HK Tech understands the dynamics of the global and local operators and that is why we believe it is essential to not only work with the clients but to be part of the client’s team to fully understand what the needs are. In this borderless global economy, where resource constraints are a constant pressure, HK Tech’s Mining team are strategically located to ensure rapid response and client’s projects are delivered on time, no matter where they’re located.

Our ultimate goals are to focus on client satisfaction through total quality and an increased awareness of the global economy and its impact on the mining industry. We have achieved these ultimate goals through hiring and retaining the best people relative to the mining industry and providing the innovation solutions based on advanced technologies and information resources. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business from legal, financial, utility, production, and consumer clients with unsolicited requests.

HK Tech’s business relationships relative to the mining industry are based on mutual respect, realistic budget estimates of project costs, and timely completion of scheduled tasks. As a premier mining consultant, the quality of our work, in every expert witness testimony, mining evaluation, expert appraisal, mining analysis, mining plan, forecast, estimate, mining assessment, investigation, expert legal service, and engineering design, is evaluated as the top-notch performance in the mining industry.

In today’s busy world, I recognize it’s difficult to find the time to pick up a brochure and read, therefore your time is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to follow up with any of the HK Tech staff involved and I look forward to meeting you when next in your part of the world.





Hong Kim, P.E., Ph.D.