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Our geologists have extensive experience in exploration, database management, resource estimation, grade control and conditional simulation. We can take your project from grassroots exploration through the feasibility study stage and into production. Our approach to resource estimation combines our strengths in structural geology and ore deposit geology, our understanding of geostatistical theory and our extensive resource estimation and mining operational experience. Our general procedures typically include:

  • An assessment of the quantity and quality of the data available including database management and verification
  • The creation of 2D and/or 3D geological and mineralization models for the deposit
  • Statistical and geostatistical analyses of the data and the determination of the most appropriate grade and density interpolation methods

We have a large skills base and extensive experience in the use of all the major geological modeling and geostatistical packages. This gives HK Tech the flexibility to continue the use of the software that you are currently using or select the most appropriate software for new projects. We have experience in developing and reviewing geological models and resource estimates for all commodities and deposit types. We also have competent/qualified persons as defined by the various internationally accepted resource reporting codes.


Detailed Services

  • Evaluation of exploration properties
  • Reviews of exploration sampling results and QA/QC procedures
  • Creation of 2D and 3D geological, structural and mineralization models
  • Statistical and geostatistical analyses
  • Resource estimation, classification, and reporting for all stages of projects from scoping studies to feasibility studies and operating mines
  • Due diligence reviews of geological interpretations and resource estimates


Relevant Projects Conducted


Project Mine: Musoshi Mine, Democratic Republic of Congo
Commodity: Copper
Scope: Economic evaluation as the part of the stage 1 for two-stage feasibility study.
Outcome: Feasibility study level designs for ore reserves estimates, mine production plan, and mine infrastructure were conducted.


Project Mine: Wood Mine, Colorado
Commodity: Coal
Scope: Produce a resource update to address deficiencies in an earlier study.
Outcome: Detailed structural analyses led to the construction of unique 3D geological/ geostatistical domains which were further refined using Minesight software. Resources were reported at multiple cut-offs to reflect ‘reasonable prospects of economic extraction’.