Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies

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Our goal is to give you the highest confidence in the underlying value of your project, by providing appropriate analyses and interpretations to support your key project decisions and development strategies. Our focus is on getting specific project concepts correct at the front end, where it matters.

Most of our team of experienced mining personnel have spent many years on operating mines prior to consulting. This experience helps us offer practical expertise in a wide range of technical services from geology and resources, to tailings and heap leach engineering, through permitting and mine closure. This blend of know-how, together with the innovative application of advanced mining technologies, has led to the wide acceptance of our engineering studies by the mining, banking and investment community internationally.

Our teams are assembled to meet the unique needs of each project. Our services consist of the preparation of scoping studies, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for both underground and open pit projects. We can supplement and complement local expertise with the geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological, mining, metallurgical, mine closure and environmental and social skills of consultants required to match the specific challenges of your project.


Detailed Services:

  • Scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Mining method analysis and selection
  • Production and development scheduling
  • Capital and operating cost estimation
  • Engineering and infrastructure design
  • Estimation of manpower and management requirements
  • Financial analysis modeling and valuation


Relevant Projects Conducted:

Project Mine: Velvet Mine, Colorado
Commodity: Coal.

Scope: Pre-feasibility study (PFS) of a multiple deposit coal project. Conduct the studies and oversee all technical aspects of the project from exploration targeting through to mine closure.
Outcome: Conducted a PFS within a very restrictive timeline. Managed data collection to get the most data possible and kept multiple elements of the project progressing at the same time.